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Combine DNA Analysis with our 
AI Technology for Precision Prescribing

Empowering Precision Prescribing Decisions

PREDICTIX Genetics provides a next generation genetic testing solution. 


PREDICTIX Genetics integrates with our comprehensive AI-driven digital platform, to enable precision prescribing and ongoing management for depression, and coming soon for a wide range of mental health conditions.

Dr Adil Jawad MBBS.png

Hear What Clinician’s Say

“I have just reviewed a lady who had not responded to 4 antidepressant… After starting the medication recommended after the genetic test 3 weeks ago, she says "I am a different person", & "I feel 80% better in myself"!”

Dr Adil Jawad MBBS; DPM, FRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist

Hear What Patient’s Say

“After lots of poor care from the NHS, this doctor listened to me and took me seriously for the first time in ages.
I know that I present as fully functioning so it has been difficult to get anyone to believe how debilitating my depression has been….


​[…my doctor] had access to genetic testing to tailor my antidepressant to my DNA and he called me the day he got the results which was fantastic. He communicated really quickly with my GP and I got the treatment I needed to improve my depression.”

CS – PREDICTIX Genetics UK patient

The photo is not of an actual patient and is for illustration purposes only. 

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