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Decision-support and treatment validation platform for mental health


Award-Winning Technology

The PREDICTIX platform analyses thousands of combinations of data using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to empower effective and rapid assessment, management and accurate prescribing decisions
Product Innovation Winner 2020

The Three Pillars of PREDICTIX

Clinical Data

PREDICTIX leverages rich clinical and demographic data sets, including a retrospective analysis of STAR*D, one of the worlds largest studies for optimal antidepressant administration, with leading clinical guidelines.

Combined Data

PREDICTIX integrates combinations of patient’s genetic and metabolic profiles, with clinical and demographic background data, aligned with proprietary algorithms and established clinical guidelines.

AI and ML

PREDICTIX uses artificial intelligence to analyse data combinations. Specific features are selected based on deep scientific understanding from analyzing existing databases, real-world data and literature research.


Analysing Data Combinations for Improved Decision Making

The PREDICTIX technology is built on the premise that by analysing relationships between combined data sources versus one data source alone, decision-making can be significantly improved. 


Using AI clinicians can learn with patient’s real-world experience to better predict treatment success.

Hear What Experts Say

“…a unique and proprietary scientific approach to genomic-guided selection of antidepressants… ”

“…the frontier of personalized medicine in psychiatry by delivering to psychiatrists and GPs state-of-the-art information…”


Prof. Stephen Stahl MD, PhD, Author of the best-selling clinical manual “Essential Psychopharmacology”

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