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Passionate About Science, Passionate About Care


PREDICTIX was developed by the health-technology startup, Taliaz, led by brothers Dekel and Oren Taliaz, in 2015.  Following Dekel’s PhD in Neuroscience from the Weizman Institute in Israel, PREDICTIX was born on the idea that by harnessing advances in deep learning technologies within the neuroscience sector, we can create new approaches to personalize medicine and transform mental health care. 


PREDICTIX is CE and TGA registered, and commercially available in Europe, the UK, Australia, and Israel. Clinical studies are also being conducted with leading healthcare organizations, including Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), the largest hospital system in Europe, and Maccabi Healthcare Services, the second largest health maintenance organization in Israel.


Horizon 2020

Framework Programme

of the European Union

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Our vision is to apply science to the world’s data – our genetic and real-world experience – to better understand, treat and manage brain-related disorders.

In light of the data-driven healthcare revolution and advances in genomic medicine, clinicians currently lack scientific-analytical tools to use these accumulating real-world data-sets in practice to transform care.  With PREDICTIX, clinicians now have an innovative, practical digital solution that learns with real-word data to make this happen, helping speed up recovery and reduce patient suffering.



We believe that only by smartly harnessing science combined with deep data analytics are we capable of understanding the intricate relationships between both our real-world experience and within our brain. As PREDICTIX is used, our algorithms learn from these new data sets to further optimize treatment to meet the evolving needs of patients. 


Packaged for physicians and patients in an easy-to-use, non-invasive and straightforward way, PREDICTIX turns complex technology into real-world practical products. This unique scientific-analytical approach enables the PREDICTIX platform to transform treatment and management in a range of mental health conditions and beyond!

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