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Join Our Vision!

Data Scientist & Bioinformatician

We are looking for a talented Data Scientist & Bioinformatician to join our team - we invite you to take part in our exciting journey!

The ideal candidate will have a passion for machine learning, data analysis and healthcare and be keen to take part in the adventure of advancing healthcare systems in the genomic era of precision medicine. 


· Analyze large genomic and clinical datasets 

· Participate in the development of Taliaz’s machine learning prediction algorithms

· Analyze Taliaz’s algorithms’ performance 

· Participate in writing and reviewing scientific manuscripts 

· Participate in statistical modelling, development and integration of algorithms and technologies 

· Design the architecture of the data systems and algorithms’ infrastructure 


· Extensive experience with statistics / analytics tools such as R/Python/Matlab 

· Strong background and experience in machine learning and data science 

· Strong background in genetics and Next Generation Sequencing 

· Experience with biological / clinical data analyses 


· Software development background 

· Strong background in data engineering 

· Experience in academic research and scientific writing 

· Experience with complex statistical techniques in academic standards 

· Experience with project management services (e.g. GitHub, Jira) 

· Experience with big data platforms (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)


Please send cover letter, CV as a Word or PDF attachment and contact information to with “Data Scientist & Bioinformatician” in the email subject line. Only relevant applications will be answered.

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