Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence-Driven Clinical Software Support Tool to Personalize Antidepressant Medication

Empowering clinical-decision for a faster patient recovery

The Predictix decision support tool employs the world’s first combinatorial Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven approach to personalize antidepressant medication.


easy to use

Based on available information & the world’s largest prospective clinical depression trial (STAR*D)

GeneXenvironment based prediction of antidepressant efficacy

Ever-evolving algorithms keep learning from each patient

Scientific analytical approach

PREDICTIX  solution provides a personalized report with predictive information about antidepressant drugs and which ones are best suited to your patient’s genetic makeup and health record.


“Predictix Antidepressant service is at the frontier of personalized medicine in psychiatry by delivering to psychiatrists and GPs state-of-the-art information to help predict the best antidepressant for an individual patient.” Professor Stephen Stahl, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, USA


Help your patients save time, money and suffering

“One of our patients who had not responded to four antidepressants, reported that after starting the medication recommended by the Predictix test three weeks previous, is now feeling like “I am a different person” and “I feel 80% better in myself”,” said Dr Adil Jawad, Psychiatry UK, MBBS DPM FRCPsych.

The patients story

“After lots of poor care from the NHS, this doctor listened to me and took me seriously for the first time in ages. I know that I present as fully functioning so it has been difficult to get anyone to believe how debilitating my depression has been. Dr Adil totally got me and listened to what I was saying.

I can’t make any suggestions to improve the service.  It was easy to make an appointment and even when my first appointment couldn’t go ahead the staff helped me choose another doctor and made everything easy for me.


Dr. Adil had access to genetic testing to all them to tailor my antidepressant to my DNA and he called me the day he got the results which was fantastic. He communicated really quickly with my GP and I got the treatment I needed to improve my depression.”

CS – Predictix-PUK patient, IWantGreatCare

Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence-Driven Clinical Software Support Tool to Personalize Antidepressant Medication

Be at the forefront of innovation

Personalize treatment plans

Reduce the trial and error process

Provide better care

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