Design clinical trials with the ‘right’ patients

Our breakthrough personalized-medicine technology, can help pharmaceutical companies accurately match the right medicines to those patients who will benefit the most.

With our advanced software tool, pharmaceutical companies can improve clinical trial success and lower costs, by designing trials with those patients who are most likely to respond to treatment. Our deep analysis of multiple sources of patient data and predictive capabilities, can help pharmaceutical companies better market products to the right patients, improving brand experience.

Go beyond traditional genetic biomarker tests

Using Big Data analytics and machine learning algorithms, our proprietary technology deeply mines and analyses patients’ genetic profiles, alongside vast amounts of clinical and demographic data, to provide highly-accurate clinical predictions.

Our unique algorithmic technology was successfully tested and validated against the world’s largest dataset for antidepressant treatments, demonstrating up to 80% prediction accuracy.

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Gain the power of predictive algorithms

We are seeking R&D partnership opportunities with pharmaceutical companies, to apply our existing predictive-software tool in the field of depression, and to develop further companion diagnostic tests for current medicines.

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for accurate personalized medicine.

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