A personalized approach to beat depression

The problem:

Long trial and error treatment process

Depression makes it hard to enjoy life like you once did. This can be even more challenging, when finding the right antidepressant turns into a trial and error process lasting months. Statistics show that 65% of you will fail to achieve remission after your first antidepressant treatment. We want to help fix it.

Our solution:

Predictix Antidepressant

  • Fast and easy test which generates quick results

  • Goes beyond traditional genetic testing

  • Analyses your genetic code alongside demographic and clinical data

  • Enables highly-accurate expert treatment predictions

  • Helps your doctor quickly prescribe the RIGHT antidepressant just for YOU

with up to



We can significantly increase your doctor’s success rate to prescribe you the right antidepressant.

State-of-the-art technology
deeply understands your unique profile

Ground-breaking technology using Big Data analytics and machine learning algorithms

Based on analysis of hundreds and thousands of genetic, clinical and demographic features

Unique prediction algorithms generate highly-accurate expert treatment predictions

Validated against the world’s largest clinical databases in the field of depression

Simple and non-invasive, personalized results!

DNA Sample

Collect your DNA by taking a simple saliva sample using our provided test kit instructions

Send Your DNA Sample

Mail your saliva sample in our prepaid envelope to a DNA lab

Complete a Questionnaire

Complete our short questionnaire, to help us improve our prediction, by understanding your clinical and demographic background

Receive Your Clinical Report

Receive your clinical report with your personalized recommended prescription 

Obtain Your Prescription

Go to your doctor with the report form (a copy will be emailed to your doctor if details were provided), for prescription of the most appropriate treatment for YOU

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Talk with your doctor to understand how Predictix Antidepressant can optimize your antidepressant medication

Clinical Questionnaire
DNA Sample & Sequencing
Predictix Prediction Tool
Directed Prescription
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