Advance your personalized medicine offering

Our breakthrough personalized-medicine technology can help your DNA lab become a leader in this multi-billion dollar market, and enhance your service offering to clients.


Our flagship software service, Predictix Antidepressant, provides clinicians with a highly-accurate clinical recommendations report, that empowers them to find the ‘right' antidepressant quickly. Helping patients beat depression sooner.


Use Predictix's automated software, and gain these business advantages:

  • Reduce costs – Save on manpower and time-consuming processes with Predictix's automatic system 

  • Enhance revenue streams – Serve and process a larger number of clients simultaneously with Predictix's computerized platform

  • Build a stronger brand – Enhance your business perception with both patients and doctors using Predictix's highly-accurate prediction algorithm

  • Competitive edge – Lead the genome sequencing arena with Predictix's unique software   

Predictix Antidepressant will initially target the fast-growing depression sector, with future tests in development to address the wider, high-growth neuroscience market.

Go beyond traditional genetic biomarker tests

Our proprietary technology goes beyond current genetic biomarker tests, to provide a more holistic view to accurately identify which is the right treatment for each individual. Using sophisticated Big Data analytics and machine learning algorithms, we deeply mine and analyze patients’ genetic profiles, alongside vast amounts of clinical and demographic data, to provide highly-accurate clinical treatment predictions.


See our ISO certification.

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