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The RIGHT Treatment

The FIRST Time

Powered by the PREDICTIX Artificial Intelligence Mental Health Platform


People globally suffer with mental health disorders


Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide


of patients will not achieve complete relief from their first medication

Advancing the Treatment of Mental Health

Advancing the Treatment of Mental Health

Today, global annual costs for mental health have reached $25 trillion, led by depression.  Yet, the right antidepressant is only prescribed in about 50% of cases. This leaves patients to face a painful and costly 6-18 months trialling different antidepressants. 

PREDICTIX harnesses AI to empower clinician precision prescribing decisions for a faster patient recovery.

Mental health conditions are highly complex and affect each of us uniquely. Their successful treatment depends on understanding the relationships between patients’ genetic, metabolic, demographic and clinical information. 

The PREDICTIX mental health platform uses AI to translate this complex data into an easy-to-use assessment and validation software to empower patient prescribing decisions and follow-up.

Software Empowering Mental Health

Prescribing Decisions

and Follow-up



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