Our solution:

Predictix Antidepressant

A personalized treatment approach
to beat depression sooner

If your loved one has depression, you can often feel helpless and wonder how you can help.  It can be particularly frustrating to see them taking their antidepressant, yet it simply not working or resulting in awful side effects.  It can be even more saddening when they drop out of treatment following yet another unsuccessful treatment.

Taliaz has developed a fast and easy, personalized test, to help your loved one quickly find the most effective antidepressant with the least side effects.

Going beyond traditional genetic testing, our test analyses your loved ones genetic code alongside their demographic background and clinical history to provide highly-accurate treatment predictions.  Your loved ones doctor is now better informed to prescribe the right antidepressant tailored to their individual needs sooner.

We can significantly increase a doctor’s success rate to

prescribe the right antidepressant for each individual

with up to nearly 80% ACCURACY!

How it works

Fast and easy for your loved one to take

DNA Sample Collection
Personalized Results

Requires a simple saliva sample with their DNA sent for analysis

Completion of an online clinical questionnaire

Personalized results are received within a few days*

A personalized clinical report will be generated with recommendations to your loved ones doctor, to prescribe the best suited antidepressant to their individual make-up.

*Following their sample arriving at the lab

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