The Team

The Taliaz team combines a mix of business strategy and business development expertise, with extensive technological background in big data analytics and machine learning algorithms, neuroscience, genomic and clinical experience; which sets the company with the necessary capacities to have an impact on our target markets.

Dr. Dekel Taliaz


CSO and Co-Founder

Experimental neuroscientist. Expert in molecular methods for manipulating gene expression to determine genetic factors which underlie psychiatric disorders

Oren Taliaz

CEO and Co-Founder


Experienced entrepreneur, with broad  management expertise and  in business development and financing

Lior Cohen



Experienced Marketer and High-Tech veteran, enthusiastic out of the box thinker. Early stage investor of Taliaz bringing strategy, business development, corporate and marketing experience to Taliaz

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Stephen Stahl

M.D, PhD, Psychiatrist


An internationally recognized authority in psychiatry having published over 500 scientific papers, edited 12 textbooks and personally written 35 text books including the two best-selling textbooks in the field of psychiatry and psychopharmacology over the past twenty years. He has contributed significantly to the field of psychopharmacology through his research in the 70s, 80s and 90s, especially in the area of serotonin, schizophrenia and depression

Prof. Itzhak Haviv


PhD, Genomic Specialist


Head of cancer genomics and diagnostics, Faculty of medicine in the Galilee,  Bar Ilan University, Zfat Specializes in integration of multiple sources of data, functional/phenotypical, and molecular/genetics

Dr. Ran Barzilay


MD, PhD, Psychiatric Neuroscientist

Psychiatric neuroscientist. Resident psychiatrist with experience in basic and translational neuroscience with a focus on stress related disorders

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