Game-changing AI clinical prediction algorithms

help you know your patient better

We have developed a unique clinical decision support tool, that provides the most in-depth and personalized view of your patient. Our tool summarizes important features of your patients' clinical history, demographic data and genetic background, to help you get your patients quickly on the best treatment.

Our flagship test: Predictix Antidepressant

Predictix was designed based on current information and by analyzing data from the world’s largest prospective study on depression therapies involving thousands of patients (STAR*D).   It provides doctors with a personalized report with predictive information about antidepressant drugs and which is best suited to patients’ genetic makeup, environmental background and health record.

Going beyond traditional genetic testing

Make a confident decision 
with Predictix Antidepressant

Online Questionnaire

Complete a short online clinical questionnaire

DNA Sample

A simple, non-invasive saliva sample is quickly taken

DNA Sequencing

The sample is sent to a DNA lab for sequencing

Predictix Analysis

The raw data is analysed by the Taliaz advanced, AI-based predictive algorithm

Make a Confident Decision

A clinical report ranking different antidepressant treatments is sent to the doctor, assisting the selection of the most appropriate medication for the patient

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Get to know your patients better

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