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Current open positions 

Taliaz is a health-technology start-up that is revolutionizing the treatment and management of mental health disorders with PREDICTIX, the world’s first decision-support and treatment validation platform.


Taliaz is hiring!

Taliaz has developed Predictix, a game-changing, Artificial-Intelligence algorithm to personalize medicine. Its proprietary, platform goes beyond existing genetic testing solutions, to enable deep-data analysis of the highly-complex role of each patients’ unique biological background and environment in driving behaviors, for optimized treatment.   

Taliaz’s first solution, Predictix Antidepressant, already available in the UK and Israeli markets, is a clinical software tool to empower doctors to better treat depression. Developed from the world’s largest prospective study on depression therapies involving thousands of patients, doctors receive a personalized report with predictive information about antidepressant drugs matched to patients’ genetic makeup and health record. 

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