Taliaz is an artificial intelligence (AI) health analytics startup that has developed Predictix, a game-changing algorithm to personalize medicine. 

Taliaz has innovated the proprietary Predictix AI platform to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine. Going beyond existing genetic testing solutions, Predictix enables deep-data analysis of the highly-complex role of each patients’ unique biological background and environment in driving behaviors.  By analyzing hundreds of thousand of genetic, clinical and demographic combinations, Predictix provides personalized treatment predictions.  Using Predictix, clinicians can increase treatment success rate, helping improve patients' quality of life. 

Predictix finds the right antidepressant

Our flagship product, Predictix Antidepressant, now available in the UK and Israeli markets, is a clinical software tool to empower doctors to better treat depression. Developed based on available information and on the raw data of the world’s largest prospective study on depression therapies involving thousands of patients, doctors receive a personalized report with predictive information about antidepressant drugs and which is best suited to patients’ genetic makeup and health record. 

Growing product pipeline

Taliaz takes advantage of in-house expertise in central nervous system related disease with the advancements in genetic sequencing and machine learning technologies, to develop leading personal medicine solutions for additional neuropsychiatric conditions, including Schizophrenia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety disorders and Bipolar affective disorder.

Proprietary Technology Platform

Our proprietary technology platform  can improve patients’ quality of life and reduce the number of patients dropping out of treatment.

Predictive engine

Our patented technology platform goes beyond traditional genetic biomarker testing, to generate a new level of clinical predictions.

Big Data analytics and machine learning approaches are used to design unique prediction algorithms, by deeply mining and analysing vast amounts of clinical and demographic datasets alongside genetic features.  

The use of complex non-linear clinical modelling enables our technology to more precisely model a patients ‘true’ clinical response to treatment, compared to common simple linear approaches.

Vast Amounts of

Raw Patient Data

GENETIC  > 1 Million

CLINICAL > 100,000


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