Setting a new standard in

personalized medicine

Taliaz has developed PREDICTIX, a  decision support tool, that can help clinicians find their patients the right treatment sooner.


Going beyond genetic testing, PREDICTIX employs the world’s first combinatorial Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven approach to personalize medicine.  Its proprietary platform uses deep-data analysis to understand the highly-complex role of each patients’ unique biological background and environment in driving behaviors, to optimize treatment.

With a simple non-invasive test, clinicians can discover within a short time, the most appropriate drug treatment with the least adverse effects, tailored to their individual patient needs.


Setting a new standard in

personalized medicine

Improving quality of life for patients suffering from depression

Our flagship product, Predictix Antidepressant, aims to help the hundreds of millions of people suffering from depression. Our software tool is one of the only solutions tested on the world’s largest clinical databases in the field of depression. 


Sign-up for our new PREDICTIX UK Depression Service

Taliaz has partnered with Psychiatry UK (PUK), the UK's leading online psychiatry service, to launch a  groundbreaking online UK service to deliver AI-driven genetic testing to depression sufferers. The online medically-managed Predictix genetic-testing service aims to reduce patient suffering by helping psychiatrists better identify the right antidepressant medication earlier.

Latest news

Taliaz CEO interviewed in Forbes

May 2020

Read our CEO, Dekel Taliaz, important insights on why greater access to global data is vital to the fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Taliaz featured in ISRAEL21c

August 2019

Read our company story to see how we aim to help psychiatrists get matched with the most effective antidepressant to improve care.

Taliaz featured in Forbes

April 2019

Can AI Help Doctors Treat Depression? These Startups Think So

Learn more about how Taliaz's AI-prediction algorithm, Predictix, can help psychiatrists and family doctors personalize depression treatment sooner.

Visit Taliaz at MEDinISRAEL 2019

March 2019

Join us at Booth 21 for the 5th Medical Device and HIT International Conference and Exhibition, to learn more about our gamechanging AI-powered personalized medicine algorithm, Predictix.


To schedule a 1:1 meeting with Taliaz, contact us.

Taliaz featured in Takeda's Med Talk podcast

13 December 2018

Listen to our CEO, Dekel Taliaz share further insight into Taliaz's unique holistic approach to personalized medicine in this exciting podcast .  

Learn more about the Taliaz prediction algorithm, Predictix,and how it analyzes genomic, clinical and demographic data to personalize treatment for patients suffering from mental health disorders, especially depression.   

Taliaz precision medicine technology spotlighted in leading Israel technology news blog, Geektime

July 2018

"Israeli start-up will make sure you only get the drugs that are right for you" (in Hebrew) 

Taliaz CEO, Dekel Taliaz, invited to join as a panel member of the OECD workshop Shanghai, China

September 2018

The panel titled “Minding Neurotechnology: delivering responsible innovation for health and well-being” on the 6-7th September will will explore the unique ethical, legal, and policy challenges raised by health-related applications of brainscience and its integration into cutting edge neurotechnologies.

Taliaz Predictix antidepressant overview

March 2018

Article on the leading Israeli business newspaper about Taliaz and the antidepressant product.

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Taliaz Product Innovation Winner at Congrès de l'Encéphale 2020 (France's Brain Congress).

February 2020

Very proud to announce our #PREDICTIX technology to reduce the trial and error process in prescribing psychiatric treatments won France's prestigious 2020 Brain Congress Startup Competition!   Congrès de l'Encéphale is a benchmark event in the psychiatry field in France bringing together more than 4000 psychiatric experts.  

Taliaz rated in the top 20% of all start-ups by Early Metrics

June 2019 

From 2600 start-ups rated by the independent rating agency, Early Metrics, following a rigorous due diligence, Taliaz achieved the exclusive top 20%!

Taliaz and Psychiatry UK Launch New Online Service

March 2019 


Taliaz and Psychiatry UK Launch New Online Service to Deliver Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence-Genetic Testing to Depression Sufferers

 Online medically-managed Predictix genetic testing service aims to reduce patient suffering by helping psychiatrists personalize antidepressant medication sooner

Taliaz highlighted in Forbes

March 2019

Article from the Start-Up Nation discusses "How Israel Turned Decades Of Medical Data Into Digital Health Gold" 


Read more to learn how Taliaz uses genetic information and other data to enable immediate adjustments of antidepressant doses for patients. 

Taliaz selected by Deloitte as one of Digitial Trials

14 Jan 2019

Taliaz selected by Deloitte as one of Digitial Trials - Israeli Startups at the forefront of the Digital R&D Revolution. 

New report by Deloitte's Innovation Tech Terminal features Taliaz's breakthrough AI-driven personalized medicine solution helping assist the industry on the path to a digital transformation of clinical trials.   

Taliaz CEO, Dekel Taliaz, gave key-note presentation at the prestigious International Congress on Precision Medicine Beyond Cancer in Munich.

October 2018

"Using AI and Real World Evidence to Take the Trial and Error out of Prescribing."

Taliaz highlighted within the Israeli AI Healthcare Landscape 2018

Feb 2018

Star Tree Ventures Ltd selects Taliaz as one of the Israeli companies anticipated to disrupt
healthcare with AI in 2018. 

Taliaz awarded the highly-selective SME Horizon 2020 grant from the European Innovation Council.

October 2018

The grant supports groundbreaking innovative ideas developed by SMEs that are ready to conquer global markets.  

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